New World Support

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Known Issues
A list of current known game issues we're investigating and working to resolve. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Last Updated: November 15, 2023


  • If you purchased the expansion and are not seeing unlocked content, you will need to restart your client.

  • If your game crashes upon logging in, you may need to update your drivers.

  • Some players are not able to transfer servers and are being kicked back to the character selection screen.

    • This issue is being investigated further.

  • Some players are not able to get past the Amazon Games logo and are stuck at a white screen. Please try the following steps if you are experiencing this issue.

    • On your PC, navigate to the following two folders, and delete the files located there: %appdata%/AGS/New World and %localappdata%/Temp/AGS/New World/shaders

    • Relaunch the game.

    • If the issue is still occurring, delete the files located in the above folders, reinstall the game, and try launching the game afterwards.

Server Transfer

  • Players who are inactive for over 180 days will be asked to choose a new server.

    • Note: Servers that are Fresh Start or marked as "Full" will be ineligible to transfer even if that is your original server.

    • You can learn more information in the Server Transfer support article.


  • There is currently an issue with Expeditions in which more than the intended five players are able to enter. The team is working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    • Please be aware that using this bug in order to gain an advantage in the game is considered an exploit and is against the Terms of Service. Players who take part in this exploit are subject to potential actions against their accounts. Thank you for your understanding.


  • The effects of "Heartrune of Dark Ascent" has been temporarily disabled.


  • The Faction Mission Footfall NPC is spawning in the Isle of Zurvan instead of Tribunal Highmound.


  • When launching the game, Unrecoverable Error "No Product Information Found" may be encountered.

    • You will need to re-launch the game after receiving this error.

  • Some players may receive a Lag Detected error message and experience lag or connection issues.

  • Some players are unable to transfer worlds and may receive an error message stating access is forbidden: reason=sourceworldinvalid.

    • This issue is being investigated further.


  • Some players are receiving a Transmog failed: Service Error message when applying Dyes.

    • This issue is being investigated further.


  • Speech to Text does not function consistently when leaving a group.


  • The Strange Jackal in "Voices of the Desert" has voice overs from another NPC in every language but English.