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The hunt is on

Crucible is a free-to-play team-based action shooter driven by the choices you make. Choose from a diverse roster of aliens and humans and then work with teammates to hunt opponents, take down hostile creatures, and harvest Essence.

Available on PC. ESRB Rated Teen for Mild Language and Violence.


It takes more than soldiers to forge a nation

Choose how you'll survive the haunted wilderness of Aeternum as you forge alliances, battle for resources, and make your mark on an emerging empire.

Available on PC. ESRB Rated Teen for Blood and Violence.


Chomp together!

Coming soon

Chase monthly co-op high scores with friends and share your own mazes, live on Twitch.


Get behind the wheel with the hosts of The Grand Tour

One moment you're watching Clarkson, Hammond, and May attempt questionable automotive antics, the next you're in the same car, same location, and have the same chance to make a massive mess of it.

Available on Xbox One and PS4. ESRB Rated Teen for Crude Humor and Language.