New World Support

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Known Issues
A list of current known game issues we're investigating and working to resolve. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Last Updated: October 03, 2023


  • If you purchased the expansion and are not seeing unlocked content, you will need to restart your client.

  • If your game crashes upon logging in, you may need to update your drivers.

Server Transfer

  • Players who are inactive for over 180 days will be asked to choose a new server.

    • Note: Servers that are Fresh Start or marked as "Full" will be ineligible to transfer even if that is your original server.

    • You can learn more information in the Server Transfer support article.

Titles and Achievements

  • Titles and achievements are intermittently missing.


  • Azure Tears sometimes cannot be completed.


  • When launching the game, Unrecoverable Error "No Product Information Found" may be encountered.

    • You will need to re-launch the game after receiving this error.

  • Some players may receive a Lag Detected error message and experience lag or connection issues.


  • Some players are receiving a Transmog failed: Service Error message when applying Dyes.

    • This issue is being investigated further.


  • Speech to Text does not function consistently when leaving a group.


  • Sometimes when casting Ice Storm, the AOE stays on the caster instead of where it was cast.


  • Online friends are not refreshing in the friends list.


  • The Strange Jackal in "Voices of the Desert" has voice overs from another NPC in every language but English.


  • You may become stuck fishing when rolling a rare fish in Mourningdale freshwater.