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Amazon Games’ ambition is to create bold new gaming experiences that foster community inside and outside of the games themselves.


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What unites Amazonians across teams and geographies? We strive to delight our customers and make their lives easier one innovative product, service, and idea at a time.

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The Joy of Gaming

Since 2014, Amazon Games has been applying the principles of Amazonian culture to the world of game design. We’ve got a team of talented, creative people (and their talented, creative dogs) pairing their love of making games with all the unique strengths of being part of the Amazon family.

Amazon Games comprises many teams working in vibrant environments across many locations, from Munich to Seattle and beyond. They’re all united by a shared purpose: to share great gaming experiences with customers around the world.

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We are making bold bets in gaming. For gaming’s pioneers, we think there is no better place to create the future of games than Amazon.

Jessica C.

Jessica and her dog, Elsa, are on the Crucible game team where she is a UI Engineer. Jessica says "the best part of the job is watching real players play the game. Seeing how excited they get to play something that I was a part of creating is the greatest feeling." Her favorite leadership principle is Learn and Be Curious because "I wouldn't be here without it!"

Jessica's favorite game is Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Jessica sitting with her dog at the park

Daniel G.

Daniel is the Sr. Product Manager for Amazon Games in Seattle. He heads monetization, content, and analytics for Crucible, one of Amazon's latest games in development. Only a few months into his role, he says the best part is "I get to work on a video game team, which is a lifelong dream. Everyone around me has unique skills that are rarely seen together. The diversity in thought and experience is incredible."

Daniel's favorite game is Path of Exile.

Daniel is smiling and wearing a blue shirt

Ronald V.

Ronald, the newly appointed Esports Manager for Crucible, is excited to say "I helped build that!" He values Customer Obsessed feedback and says: "If we only focus on what we or a niche audience wants, we are alienating the larger demographic. I want to bring smiles to everyone’s faces."

Ronald's favorite game is Kingdom Hearts 2.

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Melissa A.

Melissa has been with Amazon Games for six years! According to Melissa, Sr. Field Technical Artist for Lumberyard, the best part is helping customers directly: "I swoop in when customers need more education on how to use systems or troubleshooting problems, which can sometimes be in person at their studio. They always appreciate the attentiveness and when someone can just listen to them."

Melissa's favorite game is Pokémon Yellow.

Melissa smiles and poses alongside a giant stuffed Pikachu

Ravi G.

Ravi leads analytics for Games Finance and feels fortunate to be where he can innovate on behalf of customers & implement enterprise-wise analytical solutions. "To me, getting better at this principle [Are Right A Lot] requires courage to take on newer projects, possibly failing at a few of them, but in the process gaining valuable experience."

Ravi's favorite game is Super Mario World.

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