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What Are Timed Content Lockouts?
Lost Ark timed lockouts are cooldown periods applied to select content that limit players from entering again before the daily or weekly reset.

Time limited content lockouts apply to a variety of content types, and can reset either daily, weekly, or upon obtaining and using an entry ticket. The lockout reset periods by content type:

  • Chaos Dungeons: Daily

  • Guardian Raids: Daily

  • Abyssal Dungeons: Weekly

  • Abyss Raids: Weekly

  • Legion Raids: Weekly

Lost Lockouts

If you lose a lockout due to a verified crash, you'll automatically receive a restoration ticket in your mailbox within 24 hours of losing your lockout. This also includes ticketed content like cube instances.

Player support specialists can't manually issue re-entry tickets or request exceptions to this policy.

Restoration Ticket Notes:

  • Restoration tickets are sent to the character’s mailbox and are available for 7 days upon receiving the mail.

  • Legion Raids have a limited number of integrated entries. If a restoration ticket is used without going through the corresponding Legion Raid, the restoration ticket will be removed.

    • Recommendation: Use the restoration ticket after clearing a Legion Raid that requires a ticket.

  • Restoration tickets are provided based on the last gate that was cleared.

    • Recommendation: Clear all gates if possible before using the restoration ticket.