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Server Transfers
To transfer your character between servers, you can purchase a character transfer token.

Inactive Character Transfers

Characters who haven't logged into their game world for over 180 days will become unbound from their chosen world. This system aims to reduce queue congestion during high-peak times, prioritizing active players.

Unbound characters won't lose any progress or data. However, social connections exclusive to their previous world, such as company membership, friends list, ignore list, and buy/sell orders, will be removed.

For characters who become unbound from their home world, the option to select a new home world will appear on the character select screen. You can choose a new home world as long as the newly selected world meets these criteria:

  • The newly chosen destination world must be within the same region as the original home world; cross-regional world choices are not supported.

  • The newly chosen destination world cannot be at full capacity, meaning new character creation has been temporarily disabled due to high population.

  • The newly chosen destination world cannot be a Fresh Start World, unless it was the character's original home world.

The character's new home world can be the same as their previous one, as long as it meets the criteria mentioned above.

Please note that this choice is permanent and can only be changed by purchasing a World or Region Transfer from the In-Game Store or by becoming inactive for 180 days once again. Therefore, if you are expecting to play with friends, it is highly recommended to agree upon an available world before committing to your choice.

Important: Both inactive character World Transfers and paid World Transfers are subject to a transfer cooldown timer of 30 days. However, as of 10/3, the cooldown has been temporarily reduced to 24 hours to accommodate the large number of returning players. During this cooldown period, you cannot make another world transfer until it expires.

You can view the Server Status page for current server statuses.

Server Transfer Details

Character server transfers within the same region include:

  • All character progression (level, weapon mastery, titles, etc.).

  • Your Faction alliance and progress.

  • Your inventory and storage.

  • All of your currency.

  • All quest progress.

  • Your houses and housing decorations.

    • Note: Characters transferring between regions can't own houses.

You can move your character to any world, except:

  • You can't move your character to a full world.

  • You can't move your character to a world in maintenance.

To transfer regions, your character:

  • Must be level 25 or higher

  • Can't own a house.

Note: If you deleted a character in the region you want to transfer to before February 11, 2022, you likely can't select that region for transfer. This is a known issue we're working to address in a future update.

Steps to Transfer a Character
  1. Log in to your character, and make sure you're located in a sanctuary (such as a settlement or outpost).

  2. Leave your company.

  3. Remove any active Trading Post buy or sell orders.

  4. Open the in-game Store, and select the Character Transfer tab.

  5. Select Purchase. Note: If you have an existing transfer token, you won't see the option to purchase another one.

  6. To transfer to a different region, choose SELECT REGION in the store World Transfer menu and then select your region.

    1. Important: Your character will be placed within a random world in the desired region. You’ll receive a free transfer token to change to a world of your choice in that region.

    2. Log in to your character in the new region, and then open the in-game Store and select the Character Transfer tab.

    3. Use the free transfer token.

  7. Select your new world from the transfer list.

  8. Confirm that you’d like to transfer your character to the selected world. Note: Transfers aren't reversible.

  9. Once you're certain that it's the correct world, select Confirm Transfer.

  10. You'll be logged out, and returned to the main menu. Your character will be waiting, ready to load into your newly selected server.

Important: To transfer again, you need to purchase an additional token. There’s a 24 hour waiting period before you can transfer the character again.