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Accessibility Options
New World offers a variety of accessibility options that can improve your gameplay experience.

Vision Accessibility Options

Color Blindness Filters
Communication Settings
  • Adjust your chat text size.

  • Adjust your chat message background.

  • Change your chat gameplay opacity.

  • Turn chat alerts on or off.

  • Change the color of your chat text.

Text Size

Enlarge the text size of nameplates and interactive hints for easier viewing.


Turn on this setting to transfer your incoming chat messages from text-based to audio-based messages.

Text-to-Speech Volume

Select the volume level on your incoming text-to-speech audio messages.

Text-to-Speech Rate

Select your preferred playback speed for your incoming text-to-speech audio messages.

Visual Settings

You can adjust the following settings as needed for optimal gameplay: Resolution, Brightness, Contrast, Field of View, Effects details, Lighting details, Shadows details, and Textures details.

Hearing Accessibility Options


Turn on speech-to-text for voice chat to receive written transcripts of your incoming voice chat messages.


Using Communication Settings, you can turn Voice Chat on or off, turn your incoming and outgoing volume up and down, adjust your microphone sensitivity, and enable chat alerts.

Audio Settings

You can change a variety of audio settings to meet your needs, including the following:

  • Master volume – turn the overall volume of the game up or down.

  • Sound Effects Volume – turn sound effects up or down.

  • Vocals Volume – turn the volume of in-game non-player characters (NPCs) up or down.

  • Music and Ambient Music Volumes – turn the volume of in-game music up or down.

  • Boost Softer Sounds – Raise the volume of softer sounds for ease of listening.

Speech Accessibility Settings

Communications Settings
  • Microphone Volume: Turn your microphone volume up or down as needed.

  • Microphone Sensitivity: Turn the sensitivity on your microphone up or down as needed.

Mobility Accessibility Settings

Mobility Settings

Change your mouse and keyboard keybinds for ease of use, character movement and abilities, and mouse sensitivity.

For accessibility issues or feedback related to accessibility in New World, please submit a web ticket.

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