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Avoiding Scams
Guidance and suggestions to help you recognize and avoid scams.

What's a Scam?

A typical scam is when an individual player, or group of players, intentionally deceives another player to gain a benefit from the deception.

As an example: A scam can involve you trading a player in-game currency or items for services, and then the player doesn't fulfill their end of the agreement.

Tips to Avoid Scams
  • If a deal or agreement sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Players try to use large discounts on items or services to gather your interest, only for you to risk losing valuable items or in-game currency.

  • Players might encourage you to use other applications to make in-game agreements, or to solicit account information from you.

  • Don’t provide personal or account information to other players.

  • We always advise you to use your best judgment and consider using game-integrated services within the game that protect you from scams.

Note: You can use features such as the auction house, mailbox, and the player-to-player trading interface to enhance your safety. These features and services exist in-game to help protect you.

What situations could result in scams?

Scamming other players is a violation of our Code of Conduct. However, remember that not all failed agreements are considered scams. Possible scam scenarios:

  • Paying a player in-game currency or items to help you defeat a boss in-game, and once paid, they don’t help.

    • No in-game mechanic exists to ensure protection of this agreement.

  • Paying a player in-game currency or items to access certain game content that requires an item to participate in that content.

    • No in-game mechanic exists to ensure protection of this agreement.

  • Sending an item via the in-game mailbox without Cash-On-Delivery with the promise of payment later on.

    • Cash-On-Delivery is a feature meant to protect you from potential mailbox scams. Use this feature to ensure that your item isn't accepted without the payment you agreed upon.

  • Allowing another player to use your account to help you through content.

    • Providing account access to another player is a violation of the Code of Conduct for both parties.

Reimbursement for Scams

It isn't always possible for Amazon to verify if you were scammed. In these scenarios, we can't provide any reimbursement. We encourage you to educate yourselves and avoid situations that could result in you falling victim to a scam.

If you believe you were scammed by another player, please contact us with as much detail as possible, and we'll review your situation.