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Support Lost Ark Account Understanding Account Penalty Types
Understanding Account Penalty Types
We take violations against our Code of Conduct seriously. When warranted, we will take action against your account.

Penalties against your account due to violations of the Code of Conduct can include the following:

  • warnings

  • temporary suspensions

  • permanent bans

Note: Depending on the severity of the infraction, we may issue a permanent ban without previously issuing a warning or suspension. We want our games to be safe and inviting places for everyone and we take that responsibility seriously.

Penalty Types

What's a warning?

Warnings are provided for minor infractions against the Code of Conduct. With a warning you receive a notification of an infraction when you sign into the game, but you don’t receive any type of in-game suspension. A warning is an opportunity for you to check your behavior and align with the standards you agreed to adhere to when playing our games. If you’ve received a warning, we encourage you to refresh yourself on the guidelines in our Code of Conduct.

What's a temporary suspension?

A temporary suspension can result when you commit an infraction against the Code of Conduct. The infraction was deemed severe enough to temporarily suspend you from playing the game. The behavior leading to temporary suspension can include repeated minor infractions, or more severe violations of the Code of Conduct. A temporary suspension ranges from 24-168 hours, but can be longer depending on the severity of the infraction and past behavior.

While we do not wish to remove players from the game, we’re dedicated to maintaining a safe, fun, and fair environment within our games. If you've recently received a temporary suspension, we recommend reviewing the Code of Conduct to ensure that you don’t commit additional infractions that could result in a permanent ban from the game.

What's a ban?

A permanent ban from the game is the result of severe or repeated infractions against the Code of Conduct. The infractions can include:

  • Receiving multiple penalties and continuing to violate the Code of Conduct.

  • A single violation deemed severe enough that you're no longer allowed to access the game.

Tip: If you believe that have you incorrectly received a penalty, you can appeal by following the steps here. There are no other channels for appealing your penalty. Filing multiple appeal tickets won't expedite the appeal process, and we won't review an appeal request more than once.