Lost Ark Support

Known Issues
A list of current known game issues we are investigating and working to resolve. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


  • The Golden Bait Buff disappears upon teleporting.


  • Map pinging is not functional in raids or dungeons on the game pad.

Dungeons and Raids

  • When in a party found via the party finder tool, waiting to accept the Abyssal Dungeon entrance at the last moment breaks the lobby and prevents players from entering the dungeon.


  • The Guild nickname is limited to six characters when the text box say max of 12 characters.


  • When progressing the Haberk to the Ship quest in a party, the Adventure: Status of Gienah Sea Bounty is unobtainable for a second player.


  • In the Farm menu, inconsistent times are referenced for available Stronghold harvests.

  • The emote auto completion window appears at the top of the screen.

  • When relaunching the game, the earned gold designation indicator resets at character select.

  • Changing the item location in the Quality Upgrade UI and then pressing Quality Upgrade makes the Upgrading circle spin indefinitely.

  • If the game is closed during the Steam stop button or force closed, Chat tab settings do not persist.

  • The UI does not scale with 4K resolution for the Pet UI.

  • The Crystal Benefactor title from Crystalline Aura shows as a new title every time you log in.