Lost Ark Support

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Known Issues
A list of current known game issues we are investigating and working to resolve. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


  • Various hotkeys shown in the Hotkey Settings menu are incorrect while using QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard layout.

  • Sometimes the player character model becomes tilted after removing a transformation effect on stairs.

  • Suspension messaging does not state that the expiration time is in UTC.

  • The "Exit" button appears in screenshots taken on the Character Selection screen while the UI is hidden if fullscreen mode is used.

  • Keyboard and mouse keys in card tooltips do not convert to corresponding Gamepad buttons in the Card Catalog if a controller is in use.

  • Pet names will display in the language first set by the account, even when the text language is changed by the player.

Character Customization

  • One of the Female Warrior customization presets shows a tattoo in the preview despite not actually having one if used.

  • When secondary hair color is set to black, hair gloss occasionally shows issues with blending colors.


  • The virtual keyboard is not shown in a Stronghold Guest Book with a controller.

  • Guest Book notification dot appears when visiting others’ Strongholds.


  • Duplicate Fusion Material Chests without recipe information appear in the Codex.


  • Players will appear online to guildmates even if their status is set to Offline while on the Character Selection screen.


  • Worn and Tattered gear cannot be locked.


  • Lenora is present in two locations simultaneously when Azena in Peril and The Knight Commander of Rohendel quests are both active.

  • Using Shift+G to skip one of the dialogues in the quest "A Drop of Courage" loops the dialogue.


  • Previewed Music continues to play after leaving Skin Storage menu while a song is being played.

  • The Pause icon doesn't appear in the respective music icon when selecting to playing a song while previewing an instrument.

Intentional Changes

  • Cube and Boss Rush related Weekly Guild Tasks and Guild Requests are replaced with Ebony Cube tasks.

  • Weekly Task 'Try Team Deathmatch' has been updated to 'Try Proving Grounds'.

    • The tasks now require playing matches, rather than defeating opponents or winning.