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Support New World Technical Play New World with GeForce NOW
Play New World with GeForce NOW
Sign up for GeForce NOW to play New World on the GeForce NOW app or a web browser.

The updated GeForce NOW app lets you sync your Steam library with your GeForce NOW account. After syncing accounts, view your supported GeForce NOW games and sync your game progress with other platforms.

Apps available for Windows PC, macOS, Android, Android TV, and LG TVs.

To play New World using GeForce NOW, follow these steps:

Sign Up for GeForce NOW.

Visit GeForce NOW’s membership page for an overview of the service and the available memberships.

  • After selecting a membership option, sign into your existing NVIDIA account or create a new one.

  • Visit the NVIDIA support page for a list of GeForce NOW supported regions.

  • Find all internet, hardware, and operating system requirements on the GeForce NOW system requirements page.

Sync your Steam account with your GeForce NOW account.
  1. Open the GeForce NOW app.

  2. Open the Settings menu.

  3. Select Game Sync.

  4. Select the chain icon. This launches a web browser that prompts you to sign in to your Steam account.

    • You must set your Steam profile (specifically the Game Details subcategory) to Public. If your game details aren't public, Game Sync won't work.

  5. Whenever you acquire a new Steam game, resync your account:

    1. Open the GeForce NOW app.

    2. Open the Settings menu.

    3. Select Game Sync.

    4. Select the Resync button.

  6. Find more detailed instructions on the NVIDIA Steam Sync support page.

Navigate to your preferred app or browser page.
  • Download Windows PC and macOS apps from the GeForce NOW download page.

  • Download Android and Android TV apps from the Google Play Store.

  • Download the LG TV app from the LG Content Store.

  • Supported browsers include Chrome, iOS Safari, and Edge. Visit this page to play in your browser.

  • Launch any GeForce NOW game from the NVIDIA Games app on SHIELD TV.

  • Access GeForce NOW on the Samsung Gaming Hub using supported Samsung TVs.

Troubleshooting New World on GeForce NOW

If you’re encountering in-game issues, please contact our support team with details so we can assist.

For issues with lag, latency, or other platform-related problems, review NVIDIA’s support content. If you’re still unable to resolve the issue, contact NVIDIA’s support team for further assistance.