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Set Up Twitch Extensions for Streaming
Set up the Lost Ark Armory Extension to share your character information with your viewers.

The Lost Ark Armory Extension displays key information about your character, including:

  • Class

  • Gear

  • PVP

  • Rank

  • Combat level

  • Skills

While streaming, your character information updates in the extension as you play, so your viewers can follow your character's progression.

To set up your Twitch Extension:

  1. Log in to your Twitch account.

  2. Select your profile, and then Creator Dashboard.

  3. Select Extensions in the left pane, and then search for "Lost Ark Armory."

  4. From the search results page, to install the extension press Install. Once installed, select Configure. For more information, check out Twitch support.

    Tip: For more information about the extension, including screenshots, click on Lost Ark Armory.

  5. Select the language for your stream and the region where your character resides, and then link your Lost Ark Steam and Twitch accounts.

  6. After selecting Link Accounts, you'll be redirected to the playlostark.com website and the Armory Extension page. Follow the steps on the Armory Extension page to finish linking your accounts.

  7. Once configured, confirm that you selected the correct region for the character whose statistics you want to display in the extension.

    Note: The extension only shows statistics for the character you're currently playing. If you have multiple characters on your account, the extension only displays updated data for the online character. Additionally, the extension display is based on the region selected. To change to a character in another region, make sure to update the configuration with the region where the new character resides. For example, if you're online and displaying a character in US West, and change to a character US East, you need to update your configuration to the new region.

  8. To activate the extension, open the My Extensions tab within Extensions Manager, and then select Set as Overlay.

Please note: If you attempt to change region mid-stream, you could experience delays. To speed up the change, either stop streaming prior to changing regions, or uninstall and reinstall the extension plugin.