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Currency Exchange Restrictions for Purchased Gold
Gold purchased from the Currency Exchange is subject to a three-day withholding period where the gold has limited uses.

The three-day withholding period is measured as follows:

  • The Currency Exchange registers all gold purchases from the previous 24 hours daily at 03:00 UTC.

    • All the gold from the previous 24 hours has then passed its first day.

    • You gain full access to your gold at 03:00 UTC on the third day after making a gold purchase.

You can claim the gold from the Currency Exchange, but you can't use it in the following ways during the three-day withholding period:

  • To send gold through the mail.

  • To pay for billing mail.

  • Within private trades.

  • In the Auction House.

  • In the Marketplace.

  • To bid on Loot Auctions.

Viewing Your Withheld Gold

You can track your withheld gold balance by hovering over the gold icon within the following areas:

  • Currency Inventory

  • Inventory

  • Top-left info bar on the HUD

  • Cash on Delivery (COD) request mails

Additional Assistance

If your currency menu doesn't show withheld gold and you still can't use it after 72-hours, please select the Contact Us button. Make sure to provide the following information:

  • Character name

  • World name

  • Region name

  • Date and Time of the gold purchase

  • Amount of gold purchased

  • Picture of your gold currency tab showing the withholding period information

  • Which gold usage functions you can't utilize and the message you receive when you try to use them

  • When the issue first occurred