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Support Lost Ark Purchasing Currency Exchange Restrictions for Purchased Gold
Currency Exchange Restrictions for Purchased Gold
Gold purchased from the Currency Exchange is subject to a three-day withholding period where the gold has limited uses.

The three-day withholding period is measured as follows:

  • The Currency Exchange registers all gold purchases from the previous 24 hours daily at 03:00 UTC.

    • All the gold from the previous 24 hours has then passed its first day.

    • You gain full access to your gold at 03:00 UTC on the third day after making a gold purchase.

You can claim the gold from the Currency Exchange, but you can't use it in the following ways during the three-day withholding period:

  • To send gold through the mail.

  • To pay for billing mail.

  • Within private trades.

  • In the Auction House.

  • In the Marketplace.

  • To bid on Loot Auctions.

Note: Gold acquired from Fate Ember drops or customer support assistance is also subject to the three day gold withholding period.

Viewing Your Withheld Gold

You can track your withheld gold balance by hovering over the gold icon within the following areas:

  • Currency Inventory

  • Inventory

  • Top-left info bar on the HUD

  • Cash on Delivery (COD) request mails

Additional Assistance

If your currency menu doesn't show withheld gold and you still can't use it after 72-hours, please select the Contact Us button. Make sure to provide the following information:

  • Character name

  • World name

  • Region name

  • Date and Time of the gold purchase

  • Amount of gold purchased

  • Picture of your gold currency tab showing the withholding period information

  • Which gold usage functions you can't utilize and the message you receive when you try to use them

  • When the issue first occurred