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Troubleshooting Game Speed Issues
If you experience game speed issues while using the Amazon Games app, try the following.

Modify the VSync Settings

Sometimes your GPU renders more frames than your monitor can display. You can turn on VSync to ensure that your monitor is in sync with your GPU and displays every frame it renders.

  1. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel.

  2. Select Manage 3D Settings.

  3. Go to the Global Settings tab, find Vertical Sync.

  4. Select On from the drop-down menu.

  5. Restart your computer so the change takes effect.

  1. Open AMD Radeon Settings.

  2. Select Global Settings, and then Wait for Vertical Refresh.

  3. Select the Down arrow, and then Always on to activate VSync.

  4. Restart your computer so the change takes effect.

Try Different Compatibility Modes

  1. Right-click the game's shortcut to go to the Game's Properties.

  2. Select the Compatibility tab and try different compatibility modes.

Try Forcing the Game to Only use one Core

  1. Go to Task Manager (Ctrl + alt + delete).

  2. Select the Details tab.

  3. Right-click the Game.exe.

  4. Select Set Affinity, and then CPU 0.

  5. Select OK.

Change Power-Saving Mode

  1. Open Control Panel.

  2. Navigate to Power Options and change Power-Saving Mode to High Performance.

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