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Support Lost Ark In-game Second Awakening Skill
Second Awakening Skill
To start the second Awakening skill quest line on your first eligible character, you must complete three requirements.

Second Awakening Skill Prerequisites

  • Obtain the first Awakening skill.

  • Reach item level 460.

  • Complete the full Rohendel main story quest line.

After you complete the requirements, you can begin the second Awakening skill quest line. The quest line starts with Strange Mail, available from Mail Carrier Sentos in Rothun Capitol. To complete the Second Awakening Skill quest line, make sure to complete the following quests:

Second Awakening Skill Quest Line

Tip: Second Awakening skill quests include either Journey or Awakening in the title of the quest.

  • Strange Mail

  • A New Power, Awakened Destiny

  • Lost Footsteps

  • Until the Darkness Is Banished

  • Black Market Products

  • Trust or Interrogation

  • Vrad’s Secret Ledge

  • Scent Hound

  • Dark Truth

  • Treatment Formulation

  • Searching for the Antidote

  • Faceless Savior

  • Trust, and a Request

  • Missing Researchers

  • Investigate the Underground Market

  • Traces of Darkness

  • Trust and Signals

  • Encrypted Memory Chip

  • Body Augmentation Parts

  • Illegal Parts Distribution Routes

  • The Other Side of Evolution

  • The Factory in the Secret Base

  • The End of the Chase

  • Memories and Records

  • Flitting Wings that Call the Storm

  • Waveport Trade Agreement

  • The Agent of Carpus

  • A Memory Engraved on the Wind

  • Faith Left on the Water

  • Capable Negotiator

  • What the Thunder Saw: Visit the Shadow Island

  • Forlorn Heart

  • Glaring Chaos

  • Dark and Pale

  • Following the Melody

  • About a Friend

  • Good and Evil

  • His Childhood: Sail to Sunflower Island

  • Armen and People

  • Story of the Wind Left Behind

  • Friend’s Determination

  • The Wounded Pilgrim

  • The Sunset

Alternate Character Quest Requirements

Once you earn the second Awakening skill on one character, your level 50 alternate characters can talk to Beatrice in Trixion to begin a short quest line to obtain the second Awakening skill.

Alternate Character Quest Line

  • Hope Inherited

  • Ray of Hope

Note: Quests will automatically be completed if a Feiton or greater Powerpass was used. Talk to Beatrice in Trixion to collect the skill.