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‘Lost Ark’ welcomes millions of new players worldwide


Since its launch, more than 10 million players in the West have joined Smilegate RPG’s Lost Ark, published by Amazon Games, on an adventure to save the land of Arkesia. Previously available in South Korea, Lost Ark already supported millions of active players, but now reaches a captive, global audience across North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand totaling 20 million players worldwide. This is just the beginning for Lost Ark – and also for Amazon Games as we find more ways to deliver great games to more players around the world.

The response from players has been truly humbling. Less than 24-hours after launch, Lost Ark welcomed a peak of 1.325 million concurrent players, making it the second highest-played game on Steam of all time by concurrent players, and the highest-played MMOARPG on Steam ever. Since launch (as of March 25), Lost Ark has over 10 million new registered players in the West. Lost Ark on Twitch saw 1.2 million concurrent viewers on launch day and as of March 25, there have been more than 158 million hours watched on Twitch and more than 292,600 total streams alongside the millions of in-game Twitch drops granted for unique in-game content.

At Amazon Games, we feel encouraged by these milestones. Our goal is to make games that have interesting stories, connected online worlds, and strong communities that grow and evolve over time. We’re doing this by developing new games like New World with teams of talented industry veterans, as well as publishing games like Lost Ark from some of the best external developers in the world. As with games developed by our internal studios, external development partners benefit from the full support and best of Amazon to reach millions of players globally. Expanding into global publishing enables Amazon Games to work with talented game developers around the world to bring their titles to new audiences, helping them with localization, marketing and PR support, product development, live operations and other publishing services available through Amazon’s tools, scope and reach as well as access to Prime Gaming, Crown Channel, AWS, Twitch and more. South Korean studio Smilegate RPG’s Lost Ark is the first, with more projects still unannounced.

“We’re thrilled to welcome millions of new players to Lost Ark for the first time, it’s equally exciting that and we will continue to look for ways that Amazon Games can bring more games to players in the West,” said Christoph Hartmann, VP, Amazon Games. “Continued collaboration with partners like Smilegate RPG is key to the ongoing growth of our business and our mission to deliver the best experiences in gaming.”

For the launch of Lost Ark, Amazon Games also closely partnered with Prime Gaming and the Crown Channel to reward players the week of launch. Prime Gaming offered players an exclusive in-game Battle Pack, with more than 3 million Battle Packs already claimed by Prime members, with additional monthly content coming. The Crown Channel on Twitch hosted Ark Week, a launch week event highlighting game lore, content creators, trailer reveals and in-game Twitch drops to an average audience of more than 100,000 viewers per stream. With studios and teams located around the world, Amazon Games is committed to providing the resources, collaboration and support to empower developers to create and launch games, delight players and achieve their goals.

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