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‘Lost Ark’ February Second Anniversary Update is Here!


This month, Lost Ark turns 2. To celebrate, the Team is unveiling the “2 Extreme” Update which includes Valtan Extreme and several special anniversary events.

Valtan eight-player raids return with two new, challenging versions of Valtan Extreme - Normal at Item Level 1580 and Hard at Item Level 1620. And of course, with greater challenges come greater rewards. Collect first-time-clear rewards once you clear two Gates along with rewards and gold as you reclear. Reward opportunities reset every two weeks. Players can enter through the Legion Raid 'Demon Beast Commander Valtan' entry UI by clicking the 'Extreme' button.

While The Freja Island Event will draw to a close with the February Update, this month players can take part in celebrating Lost Ark’s Second Anniversary at the Arkesia Festival. Every two weeks, there will be a new co-op quest for players to participate in, keeping things fun and fresh as you earn tokens to trade in for valuable rewards. In Week 1-2 (2/7 - 2/21), enjoy What I'm Looking For to match random buffs for points. In Week 3-4 (2/21 - 3/6), get ready for Run, Piñata, Run! Turn into a giant Piñata and race to the finish line. Finally, in Week 5-6 (3/6 - 3/20), jump into Break the Gourd! / A Heart Full of Love and use the 'Naughty and Nice Piñata Candy' to break the gourd in time to get second Anniversary tokens!

In addition to the Arkesia Festival, a new Birthday Bash Event will take players on a trip down memory lane by re-experiencing some of the most iconic pieces of Lost Ark content released over the last year. Complete missions in Brelshaza (HM), Kayangel (HM), Akkan (NM/HM), Ivory Tower (NM/HM), Chaos Dungeons, and Guardian Raids to earn Honing Materials, Gold, Cards, Card XP, Accessories, Ability Stones, and Amulets!

And there’s more – This month, the “Twinkle Twinkle Exchange Shop” will return as an Event Gold Shop where players can exchange Gold for valuable rewards. Some rewards will include a ‘Toad Token’ which can be redeemed for additional items. The Twinkle Twinkle Shop will be included in the Event Shop category, along with the Second Anniversary Event Shop. Other February store updates include Korean community designed Providence and Unity Skins, and a weekly rotating re-release of some fan favorite skins such as the Midsummer Night’s Series, Festival & Ball Series, Neon Wingsuit Series, and in the final week Wave/Sand/Wind/Beach Swimsuit Series + Midnight Summertime Series.

For all the details on Lost Ark’s Second Anniversary update, read the full February Update Announcement. And keep checking the official Lost Ark website for the latest on Lost Ark!