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‘Lost Ark’ December Update Is Here, with More to Come This Month!


Greetings heroes of Arkesia! In the spirit of giving, this month the Lost Ark team is releasing content across two updates, on December 13 and December 20. On December 13 get ready for Voldis, the Gargareth Guardian Raid, a new seasonal event, Proving Grounds Season 4, and more. Seven days later, after a week of exploring Voldis, look forward to the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon and the introduction of the Elixir system.

Voldis is a new continent, accessible through prerequisite quests and an entrance Item Level of 1520 and above. The continent of Voldis is the land of sages and alchemy, with the magnificent city of Kalinar located at the mouth of Ketsla River. Voldis Sages are well-respected for their vast knowledge and powers, and their aid will be needed with the Chaos Guardians returning to war.

Outside of the city, the Great Rainforest holds many mysteries, with powerful monsters lurking in the shadows. Get help from the Raiyas, the people of the Forest, to enter the Sage’s Tower and reach the end of the story. After the conclusion of the story, players can complete their Adventurer’s Tome as well as a brief set of epilogue quests.

On December 13, Players can also look forward to the wild weather of the Gargadeth Guardian Raid, Proving Grounds Season 4, a new seasonal event on the festive Freja Island, and more!

A week later, on December 20, explore the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon and new Elixir system. The Ivory Tower is a new Abyssal Dungeon located in Voldis, which has four gates. The rewards include Honing Materials, Gold, special hidden rewards, and Elixirs.

Elixirs are a new system which will vastly increase player’s combat abilities by imbuing their gear with new, powerful effects. Epic elixirs will be obtainable through the Normal mode of the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon, while Legendary Elixirs can be earned via Hard mode. Once obtained, players can choose a maximum of five abilities for each Elixir and refine two out of the five.

For more details on both updates—visit the December Update Announcement, and as always check out the official Lost Ark website.