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‘Lost Ark’s’ November Update is Here!


This week, the Souleater arrives in Arkesia along with progression events to help players quickly level up. On November 15, heroes finally meet the Master of Specters, the Soul Eater, an Assassin subclass who wields a giant scythe to attack her enemies and collect their souls.

This month’s Progression Events will include the South Vern Powerpass and Super Mokoko Express Event. South Vern Powerpass releases with the update and will be available to play until February 7, 2024. Nicely paired, South Vern Powerpass players will also be able to designate one character between Item Level 1415 and 1540 to participate in the Super Mokoko Express Event. During the events, they will enjoy discounted honing rates and gold requirements, as well as a chance to earn Silver, honing materials, high level Gems, Engravings, and much more.

Path of the Soul Eater will also open as a new Progression Event. It will offer a Gear Honing Support Effect applied when honing Brelshaza Ancient Gear. The Effect decreases the amount of gold and materials needed to hone along with increased honing rates. In addition, there will be rewards for every 10 Item Levels from 1540 to 1580 as well as Special Missions to earn additional Raid & Abyssal Dungeon materials.

For all of the details on the November update, including a deep dive into the Souleater’s class detailsfrom Deathlord Mode to a list of Ghast, Stygian and Awakening Skillsvisit the November Soul Harvest Release Notes page and continue to check out the official Lost Ark website for the latest news on Lost Ark!