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What Is Knowledge Transfer?
The Knowledge Transfer system helps you boost an alternate character to level 50, and clears story quests through the various continents in Arkesia.

Important: Knowledge Transfer availability depends on the progression of your main character.

Upon completing the 1st tier of Knowledge Transfer (North Vern), your boosted character receives a chest with 302 item level gear.

Knowledge Transfer for all other continents gives you access to Chaos Dungeons and Abyssal Dungeons on those continents once you have the required item level. You don't receive additional gear for the other continents.

What are the differences between the Power Pass and Knowledge Transfer?
  • The Power Pass levels an alternate character to level 50, and clears content up to North Vern. You can use Knowledge Transfer to clear higher-level story quests and continents.

What are the requirements to use the Knowledge Transfer?
  • Complete Atheline's quests in the Stronghold, then begin researching Knowledge Transfer within your Stronghold.

  • Have a level 50 character that obtained the Knowledge Vault and completed the main story quest through the currently available continents.

  • Have enough gold to use the Knowledge Transfer function.

  • Have a character eligible for the Knowledge Transfer.

    • The target alternate character must complete the tutorial and meet additional requirements.

  • You must sign in on the target character at the Knowledge Transfer machine within the Stronghold.

Tip: You can move your alternate character to the Stronghold using the Song of Hearth and Home, obtained in Prideholme.

What stages of Knowledge Transfer are currently available?

In order to use a continent's Knowledge Transfer, you must have one character on your roster that finished the main story quest line for the continent.

Knowledge Transfer is currently available for these continents:

  • North Vern: Target character must be level 10 and complete the prologue.

    • Complete the quest line Ealyn’s Gift on your main character.

  • Rohendel

  • Yorn

  • Feiton

  • Punika

  • Rowen

  • Elgacia

  • Pleccia

  • Voldis