Lost Ark Support

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Known Issues
A list of current known game issues we are investigating and working to resolve. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


  • Various hotkeys shown in the Hotkey Settings menu are incorrect while using QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard layout.

  • Changing pet skills shows a cost of Blue Crystals, but no Blue Crystals are deducted.


  • The "Buy Change Ticket" button in the Reskinning screen prompts buying the discounted Reskin ticket even if the purchase limit has already been reached.

  • Royal Crystal purchases may not complete or result in a "Purchase Failed" error message.


  • The Miru card is missing in the Codex.


  • The last pickaxe swing does not make sound during ore mining.

  • Some sound effects are missing when using the Korean VO DLC.


  • The Expert engraving does not add effectiveness to the shield applied by the Machinist skill command: Active Pulse.

  • A Guide button leading to a Korean website can be found in the Engraving tab of the Profile menu if the Engraving Support Effect is not in use.

Character Creation

  • When creating the Artist class, certain hairstyles that cover the forehead make it impossible to see their tattoo during character creation.

Movement Effects

  • Movement effects are set to hidden by default when they are first equipped by a character.

    • Tip: You can open the Character Menu and manually unhide the effect.

Intentional Changes

  • Gear can be honed with silver up to 1445 item level.

  • Various content had their gold rewards nerfed.