Lost Ark Support

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Known Issues
A list of current known game issues we are investigating and working to resolve. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Tip: For the latest information on issues with the January 18, 2023 update, check out the forums.


  • The Emote auto-completion window occasionally appears at the top of the screen.

  • No items show in the Toys tab of the Codex.

    • You can locate toys in the Codex by searching while selecting All at the top left of the window.

  • When hovering over sheet music you don't own, the tooltip describing the song doesn't display.

  • Pressing ESC sometimes doesn't exit the Guild menu.

  • No message displays when players under level 30 attempt to initiate personal trading.

Selfie Mode

  • Some transformation toys will kick you out of selfie mode.

Intentional Changes

  • The Legendary Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch from Thronespire is now untradeable.

  • The Legendary Engraving Recipes from Anguished Isle are now untradeable.

  • The Honor Leapstone is now untradeable, and the quantity increased from 50 to 80 per Roster.