Lost Ark Support

Known Issues
A list of current known game issues we are investigating and working to resolve. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Graphics Settings

  • While in Fullscreen mode, the UI scale won’t update correctly when changing from the default resolution set for the PC.

  • After selecting Restore Defaults in the video settings, PCs with configurations near the minimum supported specifications may have very high graphical settings applied.


  • The marker for the Bandit Road main story quest within Saland Hill is hidden behind a side quest icon on the map. To progress, go to Gus, found in the southern region of Saland Hill.

  • Welcome Challenge #6 shows the description of Challenge #4.


  • Tutorial popups for the Gunlancer class display repeatedly on-screen.

  • Occasionally during PVP matches the Voice Chat UI panel won’t display on the left side of the screen.

  • After you turn on Push to Talk in voice chat, the microphone icon in the Voice Chat panel displays as muted. The muted icon displays even though you press the correct key to turn on the microphone.

  • If you use a controller, and then switch to keyboard and mouse in the same play session, the wrong inputs display. Instead of keyboard and mouse inputs, text chat prompts will display controller inputs.

  • Items in the in-game store will always display in English for French, German, and Spanish players.

  • The Tradeskill UI may have cut off text in some languages.

  • A long quest name may be truncated in the UI when accepting it from the NPC.

  • If you use the AZERTY keyboard layout, you may see tutorials referencing QWERTY layouts.


  • When Speech to Text is active, sometimes you can't speak to others, hear others, see Speech to Text, or leave the party.

  • When you have Speech to Text active, other players will see your message displayed as if another player typed them.


  • When using a controller, tutorials that show input commands will display keyboard and mouse controls rather than controller input.

  • The drop-down menu within the Friends List is inaccessible when using a controller.

Cutscene Issues

  • Stronghold ceremony cutscene has mismatched subtitles.

  • Certain island cutscenes may be missing subtitles.


  • The cutscene that plays after the Stronghold Ceremony is missing audio.

  • When changing the background during character creation, audio from character select may also start playing and overlap audio.


  • Some text in the Book of Coordination will only display in English no matter what language you selected.