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'Lost Ark' unveils part 2 of its 2023 content roadmap


Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG have shared full details of content and updates that Lost Ark players can expect from May through August. Make sure to check out the official post at for more comprehensive details, but see below for some of the exciting highlights for Lost Ark players over the coming months!


Slayer Advanced Class: The Slayer is the fifth Warrior Advanced Class—a female remix of the Berserker class. A melee warrior who stirs up the battlefield with her greatsword and powerful Burst Mode, this powerful class has the potential to overwhelm anything in her path.

Ebony Cube & Quality-of-Life Updates: Clear waves of enemies in a new activity that consolidates and replaces Boss Rush and Dimension Cube.

Proving Grounds Season 3: Prove you’re one of the best warriors in Arkesia to earn season ranks, rewards, and prestige.


Elgacia Continent: Explore Ereonnor, the city of light built in reverence to the Gods, the blessed Hestera Garden, and the sacred Mount Phylantos in the continent of Elgacia as you uncover the secrets of the Lazeniths.

Kavangel Abyssal Dungeon: A 4-player Abyssal Dungeon will release that can be accessed after completing the Elgacia story. With four difficulties, a variety of players can participate—but the harder the difficulty, the more impressive the rewards.

Fortunespire Floors 26 – 50: The next 25 floors of the Tier 3 Tower will release, providing new battles and challenges to vanquish, and in return, earn valuable rewards.


Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid Inferno Mode: The most difficult version of Legion Raids, the Inferno difficulty is all about proving you’re among the best of the best in Arkesia, and earning the accompanying prestige.

Elgacia Epilogue: Epilogue quests to the continent of Elgacia will release a month later. Visit familiar faces and key characters around the world of Arkesia after the events of Elgacia.

Music Box of Memories and Quality-of-Life Updates: The Music Box of Memories is the vestige of ancient civilization long gone, manifesting as a gadget that can be played with ‘Memory Orbs,’ a new collectible. Experience new stories of the inhabitants of Arkesia who have not received the spotlight with the Music Box of Memories.


Akkan Legion Raid: Journey to Arthentine to battle the Plague Legion Commander in a new 8-player Legion Raid.

Aeromancer Advanced Class: The Aeromancer is the second Specialist Advanced Class. With power of mystical illusion, she’s able to manipulate the weather to devastating effect on the battlefield, or fight to vanquish enemies with spectacular flourishes of her umbrella. The Aeromancer will release in August with a powerpass and progression events.

Sonavel Guardian Raid: For a long time, Levanos, the Elemental King, protected Arkesia by following light and order. He’s abandoned his mission of protecting nature, chosen chaos, and has turned into Sonavel, obsessed with anger and chasing only darkness. Sonavel must be defeated before he destroys that which he once protected!

Stay tuned to the Lost Ark website for the full list of new content, store updates, events, bug-fixes, and more over the coming months. We’ll see you in Arkesia!