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‘Lost Ark’ January Update is Live!


With the arrival of the New Year a new Lost Ark monthly update has arrived. The January Update includes the Inferno mode of Brelshaza, the new Lai Lai Adventure Island, and a slew of quality of life and balance updates, along with additional new content.

Time to bring the heat… Brelshaza Legion Raid Inferno Difficulty has launched! The Inferno difficulty is the most challenging of the Legion Raids and is all about proving you’re among the best of the best in Arkesia. Inferno rewards showcase your victory with titles, achievements, Stronghold Structures, and more! The Inferno difficulty of Brelshaza will require Item Level 1560, and as a piece of equalized content, a full build set-up in the Book of Coordination. The Brelshaza Inferno category has been added to the partyfinder. Hint, Inferno Brelshaza is focused on the final two gates of the original raid— the two original gates where players encounter Brelshaza.

Check out “Patchnotes with Henry” for a video explanation and visual showcase.

Heroes of Arkesia can also now explore Lai Lai Adventure Island, newly added in the sea to the south of Punika. Lai Lai Island can be entered through Procyon's Compass on a schedule, like other Adventure Islands. Expect two new Normal Quests, one new Competitive Quest, along with three new toys and three new structures that are rewards from the Competitive Quest.

This month Freja’s Island Event also continues with a new activity! Toto's Ice Castle replaces the Maze Garden in the January update. Tokens from Freja Island can be spent at the event shop, which has a variety of valuable items and holiday-themed rewards to earn! Finally, at the store, stay warm with the winter-themed Neria’s Wardrobe.

For all the details on the January update—visit the January Update Release Notes, and as always check out the official Lost Ark website for the latest on Lost Ark!