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Support New World Purchasing Commerce Locks: Where to Buy New World Content
Commerce Locks: Where to Buy New World Content
Purchasing New World game content from unauthorized sources may put your account at risk of a Commerce Lock.

Commerce Locks block access to the game and are necessary in order to combat fraudulent transactions. To minimize the chance of account and game disruption, it’s important to purchase game content from authorized sources.

You can purchase New World game content from the following authorized sources:

  • For content redeemed via Steam Codes, you can purchase them on Steam or on Amazon.

  • For all other in-game paid content, you can purchase via the New World Store inside the game.

When a Steam Code is identified as a fraudulent purchase, the code is disabled. Any account that has activated the fraudulent code will lose access to the content and receive a Commerce Lock.

Removing a Commerce Lock requires a manual review process and will require you to submit an appeal web ticket. We do not restore removed items or in-game currency even after a Commerce Lock has been lifted.