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Account Security Best Practices
Securing your Steam account is an important aspect to ensuring that your in-game experience isn't interrupted.

Try the following tips to help make sure your account is secure.

Account Security

Follow the steps provided by Steam to help ensure that your account is secure.

These security tips include:

  • Enabling Steam Guard two-factor authentication to increase the security your account.

  • Verifying your contact email address with Steam.

Some Additional Best Practices
  • Use unique passwords: Using the same password across multiple services increases the chances that your information can be obtained from other services.

  • Install anti-virus or anti-malware software. Keep security software up to date by installing updates and patches as soon as they're available.

    Note: When the installation is complete, run a full scan of your computer.

  • Scan your computer regularly: Scan your computer for viruses, key loggers, and spyware with a virus scan utility to make sure that your computer isn’t compromised.

  • Keep your operating system and necessary plugins updated to the latest version available.

  • Always log out of your account on shared machines.

  • Don't share your password: Amazon Game Studios will NEVER ask for your password.

If you believe that your Steam account was hacked, please check out this page.