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Support Lost Ark In-game Purchaseable Power Pass
Purchaseable Power Pass
You can now use Royal Crystals to purchase a Power Pass on the character selection screen.


  • Where to Buy: You can purchase the Power Passes from the character selection screen. They CANNOT be purchased in the in-game store.

  • Previously Leveled Characters: You can purchase a Power Pass for a character where you already used a Knowledge Transfer or Power Pass. The price will be adjusted based off how far your character has progressed.

  • Gear: Power Passes include gear matching the item level appropriate for progressing through the specific continent.


You can only pay for the Power Pass in Royal Crystals, and the price varies based on the following:

  • Character progression.

  • The Power Pass you want to purchase.

Visit the character selection in game to view the exact price.

Note: There are no purchase limits for purchasable Power Passes.