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Support Lost Ark Account Account Restrictions
Account Restrictions
To crack down on bots, fraudulent purchases, scams, and other abuse, we place limits on a player’s account unless it’s trusted by Steam or Amazon Games.

Lost Ark's trusted account system exists to reinforce the Play fair guideline from our Code of Conduct. The trusted account system also helps ensure that players can trade and interact with other players with greater comfort.

For help becoming a Trusted user with Steam or with enabling a Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator, check out the following Steam support articles or contact Steam:

Player accounts not in trusted status have lower daily Steam purchase limits and are prevented from accessing the following features within Lost Ark:

  • Auction House

  • Marketplace

  • Accepting Player Trades

  • Initiating Player Trades

  • Sending Mail

For more information on this topic, check out the Wreck The Halls Release Notes.