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Chaos Rising in ‘Lost Ark’ May Update

22 May, 2024

The May "Chaos Rising" Update arrives today, and with it the Thaemine After Story, the challenging Trial Guardian Raid against Hanumatan, new tales in Music Box of Memories II, Cruel Toy Castle Adventure Island, and much more!

Thaemine After Story

Players who clear Thaemine Hard can experience the Darkness Legion Commander’s Epilogue in a new story and “Shadow of the Moon” quest.

Trial Guardian Raid – Hanumatan

Over 500 years ago, Guardian Hanumatan crushed enemies in a battle for the side of Light. Sensing chaotic energies rising, this Guardian is back and needs to be stopped in a new Trial Guardian Raid.

Music Box of Memories II

The Music Box of Memories is being updated with six new stories; this time they will focus on the lives of everyday citizens of Arkesia.

Cruel Toy Castle Island

A new Adventure Island known as “Cruel Toy Castle Island” has appeared in the southern seas of Shushire, complete with a curious quest and new achievements.

Magickal Enchanter Collection

Find new cosmetics designed to evoke exciting ‘80s and ‘90s anime in the Store.

Two New Events

The first part of the Kurzan Prelude Event, Chaos Assault, arrives in May. Players will need to head to Mount Zagoras and contend with a special Suppression Meter for the event that increases as more enemies are defeated.

The Endgame Acceleration Event rewards endgame players with additional materials to help them prepare for Thaemine and the upcoming Echidna Kazeros Raid.

For complete details on the Chaos Rising Update, read the full Patch Notes or watch the May episode of “Patch Notes with Henry.”

You can also visit the official Lost Ark website for the latest on Lost Ark!