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Amazon Games Reveals ‘New World: Aeternum,’ Releasing October 15 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

7 Jun, 2024

Today, Amazon Games announced New World: Aeternum, a thrilling and content-rich action RPG featuring real-time combat and set in a vast and mysterious world where players have the freedom to choose how they shape their adventure. Console players can discover the delights and dangers of Aeternum for the first time, enjoying an enhanced experience that includes all the content from New World on PC, including the full base game and all past updates, including the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, in addition to a wealth of new content.

New World: Aeternum introduces exciting new features for players on all platforms, including New World’s first-ever large-scale player vs. player zone, a challenging 10-player raid, end-game solo trials, an upgraded leveling experience, new character archetypes, a revamped dialogue system, and much more. Players can now experience Aeternum entirely on their own, or with other adventurers, through competitive and cooperative online cross-platform play. The game will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on Oct. 15, 2024. View the new trailer, which debuted during Summer Game Fest 2024.

In New World: Aeternum, shipwrecked explorers wash ashore and set out to forge their destiny on the supernatural island of Aeternum, a world filled with danger and opportunity. Combat in New World: Aeternum is skill-based and dynamic, incorporating swords, guns, and magic for a complex and satisfying experience, whether in head-to-head fights against the cursed creatures of Aeternum, or large-scale player vs. player battles. Players can fully customize the look, skills, and abilities of their character, as each gathered plant, tanned hide, slain foe, or completed quest shapes their journey and increases their character’s power and skill. The vibrant world, compelling narrative, rich crafting mechanics, classless character development, and real-time action-combat system in New World: Aeternum can provide hundreds of hours of play for solo and multiplayer adventurers alike.

New World: Aeternum is the culmination of years of focused development combined with input from the dedicated community of players who’ve already carved a path in the original New World on PC,” said Christoph Hartmann, Vice President, Amazon Games. “Listening to player feedback is fundamental to how we make games, and we know New World: Aeternum delivers on the promise of a fresh and compelling New World experience that players can enjoy together across platforms.”

New World: Aeternum has been specifically designed for consoles, with complete feature parity for PC players and cross-play functionality. Players will enjoy enhancements including target locking and aim assist, virtual cursor, controller navigation and accessibility features, and more.

New World: Aeternum will be available digitally on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam for $59.99. The Deluxe Edition, available for $79.99, includes a Bear mount and armor skin so players can traverse Aeternum with speed and style. Console players who pre-order on the PlayStation and Xbox storefronts, and all PC players who log in to New World now through Oct. 14, 2024, will receive the Azoth Stalker Wolf Mount. PC players who have already purchased New World and the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion will have access to all that New World: Aeternum offers on PC at no extra cost, starting at launch on Oct. 15, 2024. Visit the FAQ to learn more about the New World: Aeternum experience on PC. New World: Aeternum is rated ESRB T (Teen).

New World: Aeternum continues the commitment of Amazon Games to developing and publishing high-quality games, following the success of the original New World and action RPG Lost Ark from Smilegate RPG, both of which have topped Steam and Twitch charts and continue to nurture active player communities. Other upcoming Amazon Games titles include the next major entry in the Tomb Raider series, developed by Crystal Dynamics, and THRONE AND LIBERTY, developed by NCSOFT.

Media assets, including screenshots, logos, and a fact sheet, are available for download. For more information on New World: Aeternum, please visit the New World site, and follow the game on Twitch, Facebook, X/Twitter, and Instagram.