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State-of-the-art technology meets endless creativity!

Our Studios

Our studios are where our teams come together to create the worlds you want to play in.

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Montréal, Canada

Our newest studio is located in the third-largest video game development hub in the world, Montréal. The studio is focused on reinventing the AAA multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Montréal is a vibrant city with lots of outdoor activities, including large city parks, a safe and easy-to-navigate metro system, and a bustling restaurant scene.

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Orange County, California

The Irvine office boasts our Jupiter Lab space, a custom in-house production studio where we film our popular Forged in Aeternum and other New World community videos, along with a Foley sound room for our talented audio team. We have games of all kinds in the lounge, ping-pong and foosball if you’re feeling PvP IRL, kitchenettes and a snack station, and, of course, our pets sleeping under desks. Irvine is a 30-minute drive from the beach and one of the safest places to live in the United States.

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San Diego, California

Our San Diego Studio was built by gamers for gamers. The studio features a cutting-edge, custom-built, 24-camera motion-capture studio, a full audio lab, a diversity and inclusion testing lab, a press/QA lab, Perforce server room, a livestream station, photogrammetry booth, and an all-important games room. There’s a large team of developers, as well as marketing, biz dev, customer service, community, streamers, QA, audio, members of the North America Lost Ark team, and sections of other teams as well.  

ABOUT US - San Diego studio
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It’s all about location

Our Offices

Our offices are located in the fast-growing cities around the world. We focus on areas that are great for work and life!

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Image of London skyline featuring Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Bridge.
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One of our many satellite offices is located in London. Also known as the ‘Silicon Roundabout’, it’s one of the fastest growing home hubs of tech & innovation. Home to the BAFTA Game Awards and London Games Festival, there’s no doubt we picked the right place for Amazon Games to put down some roots.

German skyline at night with people walking in a town squre
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Keeping our fingers on the pulses of EMEA, Amazon Games keeps a team of marketers in one of the fastest growing cities in Germany. Munich is a city rich in music, architecture, history, and, of course, entertainment. Rated one of the world’s most livable cities, Munich is a global center of tech and innovation.

The New York skyline featuring Manhattan skyscrapers
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New York

The king of digital media and epicenter of arts & entertainment, New York is a natural home for Amazon Games. Teams in our New York office enjoy easy access to incredible parks, attractions, and a culinary scene that would take a lifetime to fully explore.

San Francisco skyline at sunset showing skyscrapers, Golden Gate Bridge, and the ocean.
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San Francisco

The Bay Area has been home to Amazon Games for some time now, and we love it here. One of the most important cities for new tech and startups, a diverse and entrepreneurial spirit infuses everything in sight. Whether you’re checking out the latest and greatest at the annual Game Developer’s Conference (see you there) or taking in the vibrant local music scene, San Francisco is one of the most exciting cities to work—and play—in.

The Seattle skyline with Space Needle on left and Mt. Rainier in the background
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Throughout the over 40 office buildings that make up our Seattle headquarters, you'll find mother’s rooms, prayer rooms, locker rooms, phone booths (for a bit of quiet space), roof decks with grills, game rooms, and more. Our teams are located in the heart of downtown, less than a mile from some of Seattle’s most iconic spots, like Pike Place Market, MoPOP, the Space Needle, and the original Starbucks.

Toronto skyline featuring a terracotta building and skyscrapers.
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Toronto is the industrial and tech capital of Canada. Annually topping lists of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities, with an exciting international hub of music, art, and media and entertainment production. Teams in our Toronto office have access to the best the city has to offer, from performing arts, Toronto Zoo, and of course the world-renowned annual Toronto International Film Festival.

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Let's work together

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