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Get the most out of ‘New World’ Season 1 before it ends on July 6, and Season 2 begins


The New World team just posted Season 1 - Fellowship and Highlights to ensure you make the most of your Season Pass and finish the story of Skye the Speardaughter ahead of new seasonal content on July 6.

The Season Pass introduces new ways for players to earn rewards and enjoy New World. That means rewards like cosmetics, titles, and in-game gear, as well as a Premium Reward Track that includes a Seasonal Armor Skin, Seasonal Weapon Skins, Seasonal Tool Skins, and much more.

Dive into the Season 1 adventure — assemble an elite mercenary team called the Silver Crows to help Skye the Speardaughter battle a powerful Warlock. Satisfy your hunger for power and enter the Empyrean Forge, a new Level 60+ Expedition set in the Great Cleave. Overhauled based on player feedback, the new Weaver’s Fen and Brightwood Main Storyline features a fresh narrative, more quest variety, and other surprises.

Head over to the official New World site for a complete list of the updates and additions.