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Q&A with Andrea Cutright, marketing director at Prime Gaming


Every month, Amazon Prime subscribers can access a growing selection of in-game content and free games through Prime Gaming. Our aim is to become the go-to benefit for anyone who loves games, and game developers who want to reach a global audience. We met with Andrea Cutright, marketing director at Prime Gaming, to discuss what’s ahead for Prime Gaming, and how we are expanding our teams and our presence internationally.

You joined us at the beginning of 2022 after leading subscriber marketing at Disney+. What drew you to Prime Gaming?

I have always appreciated the dynamism of games as a medium. People spend more time playing video games than engaging with any other form of entertainment. In recent years, games have become increasingly diverse and integrated into everyday life. Some Candy Crush players may not think of themselves as gamers, but they are. This dynamism is happening globally, and I enjoy working in global businesses.

Another reason why I came to Prime Gaming is the fact that Amazon is really invested in building a solid games organization. This gives me a chance to really think about the skills, talent, resources, and the tools we need in our teams to deliver on our goals on behalf of customers.

Could you tell us about some of Prime Gaming's most significant accomplishments this year?

Our partnership with our internal teams within Amazon Games is one that comes to mind. We have two amazing games on the market, New World and Lost Ark, and we introduce new players to them through our monthly free in-game offers. We’ve also been able to leverage the power of Amazon as a whole to provide our customers with amazing benefits. Take this year’s Prime Day as an example: Prime Gaming gave away 30+ free games to Prime Members worldwide. We also launched Lost Ark in the Netherlands at TwitchCon Amsterdam, combined with in-game content via Prime Gaming. It was a win-win-win collaboration—Lost Ark and Prime Gaming working in sync at a Twitch event.

Games is a deeply rich and broad global content area with many passionate followers, so we are very internationally focused. We work closely with different markets around the globe, discovering how to delight the gaming community in places like Brazil, Mexico, and Poland. I've really enjoyed learning the unique perspectives of our international colleagues and customers.

With games being a global medium, what are we doing to ensure that the diversity from the outside is reflected across Amazon Games?

The gaming industry has evolved into a multigenerational and multicultural phenomenon. Ensuring that my work team reflects that diversity is a ton of fun. And here at Amazon, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that when it comes to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), you don’t just talk about it, you take action. Bias for Action is one of our Leadership Principles, after all.

I think we are making great progress when it comes to better representation on our workforce as well as on our products. I also appreciate how it’s not just who is here that matters, it's also about taking care of the people that are here. Many people may not think about mental health as an aspect of DEI, but it absolutely is. Right after I joined, I had a chance to participate in a whole week of panels in which teammates discussed, among other topics, how to manage our our own mental health and that of our teammates. We all came out of that week with concrete ideas, solutions, and actions to continue to build a safe space and a culture of acceptance and support.

You mentioned the Mental Health Awareness week as one of your highlights so far. Any other positive surprises?

Definitely! I love how our Leadership Principles are truly part of our DNA. You get what you measure—that way, every review, every promotion, and every business decision is grounded by them. It creates a higher-achieving organization because it fast-tracks the way teams can collaborate.

Our writing culture was something I had to get used to, but one that I’ve learned to appreciate. It enables people to really think through their ideas and for teams to arrive at decisions quickly. Writing documents helps teams focus on doing the right thing by customers, while ensuring there’s still an owner and decision maker. I have never worked on a team as collaborative as this one! This gives me an unbelievably optimistic view of where Prime Gaming can go.

Speaking of where Prime Gaming is headed, when you look at our road map, what stands out?

Prime Gaming is a place for builders. We have an opportunity to speak to 3.4 billion gamers worldwide and understand how Prime Gaming connects with them. We are inventing as we go with a test-and-learn attitude.

Within marketing specifically, our team is focused on growing our social voice, which includes talking to influencers in the gaming community. We’ve been thinking a lot about our engagement strategy—how we keep Prime customers who game happy, and how we get them to spread the word. We’re also focused on analytics and insights by setting up an engine that can test, learn, and help build new hypotheses and drive more experiments. It’s all very exciting, and honestly, there’s never been a better time to join Prime Gaming.

If you're thinking of coming to our team, a way to connect with Amazon is to ask yourself one thing: What is your super power? When you talk to one of our recruiters or colleagues, think about the skills or experiences that make you stand out. Focus on your super power, make it as distinct as possible, and understand how it applies to gaming. It’s a great way to open the doors for you.