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What is the Power Pass?
The Power Pass is a method to boost additional characters to maximum level, and it's earned in-game

Earning and Using the Power Pass

Earning the Power Pass

Note: There's a limit of two Power Passes per region, both available on a single world. Power Passes can't be traded between worlds. After you earn two Power Passes in a region, you can't earn additional Power Passes using this method.

  • Once you complete the Main Quest (Ealyn's Gift) from North Vern, you will receive a single Vern Power Pass Token via in-game mail.

  • After you use the first Power Pass token, a second Power Pass is granted to you via in-game mail.

Using the Power Pass
  1. Select your region and world.

  2. Go to the character select screen.

  3. Characters eligible to use the Power Pass will have a yellow Powerpass Available message.

  4. To apply the power pass, click the yellow Power Pass button next to your chosen character.