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New World’s Year of The Dragon is Almost Here!


Before corruption plagued the ancient structures, citizens of Ebonscale Reach offered tributes for good fortune. Awaken the ancient dragon spirit once again on February 7 through 20 to rejoice in Year of The Dragon. But beware, the Corrupted Maiden lurks in the shadows to snatch blessings from Adventurers. Join Longtable Banquets, Tribute Offerings, and Firework Ceremonies for event-specific, daily rewards like Fortune’s Gift Sacks.

The Longtable Banquet features a variety of festive cuisine for tribute. Gather meat from the banquet tables in Ebonscale Reach, add your ingredients to the hotpot, and fire up a wok of red broth to craft a Spicy Hotpot item. Don’t forget to taste the other delicacies, like Roasted Gnufish and Fried Albenaja for a variety of Attribute Bonuses!

Ebonscale Tribute Offerings are one of the oldest traditions in Aeternum. Retrieve Heirlooms from the corrupted and locate the Tribute Table at one of three rotating locations: Skysong Temple Elevated Central Path, Serenity Outpost Upper Deck, or Imperial Palace Waterfall Platform. Offer the Heirlooms and a tribute dish to call for the Dragon’s Blessing and receive 1 Fortune’s Gift Sack. However, a Corrupted Maiden will attempt to steal your blessing. Defeat the boss for Dynasty New Year Gear (1 out of 5 Heavy Armor pieces, 675 Gear Score, upgradeable) such as the Dragon scale Helmet, Breastplate, Gauntlets, Greaves and Dragonscale Trousers.

Players can also celebrate the festivities every evening during the event with a firework ceremony. Finally, gather Fortune’s Gift Sacks from the Gift Sack pile and tributes to make the most of the festivities.

For more on the arrival of Year of The Dragon, check out the Team’s full post on the official New World site.