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What is the Season Pass?
The Season Pass provides a variety of ways to earn new cosmetics, Titles, in-game gear, and more.

Each season features a new Season Pass, with a Free track and a Premium track. Each seasonal track that you complete unlocks new seasonal rewards.

Understanding the Season Pass Screen

Season Pass Screen Legend

Season Pass Screen Legend:

  1. View your Seasonal Journey.

  2. View your Activity Card.

  3. View the Free Track rewards.

  4. View the Premium Track rewards.

  5. Purchase Premium Track reward levels.

  6. The end date of the season.

  7. View your current Season Pass progress.

  8. View the Free Track and Premium Track rewards for the season.

Reward Tracks

Each seasonal track offers 100 levels.

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Free Track

You can earn the following rewards:

  • Skins

  • Pets

  • Marks of Fortune

  • Boost Tokens

  • Seasonal gear

  • Umbral Shards

  • Gypsum Orbs

  • Caches of materials

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Premium Track

When you reach Level 25, you can choose to purchase the Premium Track for 20,000 Marks of Fortune.

  • Contains additional rewards like cosmetics, Marks of Fortune, Boost Tokens, and even more seasonal loot.

  • You can opt-in to the Premium Track at any point during the season and retroactively receive all eligible rewards.

  • When a Season ends, we send any unearned unique seasonal rewards to the vault.

For more information, check out Purchasing the Season Pass Premium Tracks.

Seasonal Progression

You can progress through the Season Journey, Challenges, and Activities to gain seasonal experience and earn seasonal rewards.

Season Journey

Unique objectives to accomplish during the season. It's available for players level 25 and above.


More challenging objectives to accomplish during the season.


Rewards for daily play.

  • Each stamp location features icons that correspond to a specific activity. Complete activities and stamp spaces for season experience.

  • Receive bonus experience as you complete full lines (diagonal, vertical, or horizontal).

  • If you don't like the activities on your current Stamp Card, you can reroll them in exchange for Azoth.

    • Note: After you reroll your activities, you’ll retain your Completed Stamps, but receive all new activities, including completed ones.

Important Callouts

  • The Season Pass works across multiple characters in the same World or Region.

  • You can only claim rewards once per Region, but can do so on any character that unlocked the Premium Reward Track at level 25.

  • Progress doesn’t transfer when you switch Regions.

  • After a season ends, we send many Season Pass rewards to the vault, including season-specific skins. You can still purchase some items, like additional Gear Set Slots, in the Store.

For additional details about the Season Pass, check out the Season Pass: Free and Premium Rewards Tracks FAQ.