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A new season, Eternal Frost, is coming to ‘New World’


The New World team has just unveiled details for a new season, Eternal Frost, which will release on December 12. Explore the Glacial Tarn Expedition, thwart a Knight of the Round Table, and more.

In this new seasonal storyline, a Knight of the Round Table has unearthed forbidden knowledge and seeks to subjugate humanity with the power of an eternal winter. Team up with a fire mage to stop the Knight before he lays waste to Aeternum.

Eternal Frost will also deliver new Artifacts, a new Season Pass, and the return of the Winter Convergence Festival. Whether players hunt down Artifacts to redefine their playstyle or search the cavernous frozen complex hidden beyond the Empyrean Forge in pursuit of the Varangian Knight Ser Loth, there’s something for every type of Adventurer.

Later in the season, players can enjoy Expeditions with Adventurers from any world within their region through a new, one-click Group Finder. Players that want to join others for different experiences can look forward to new, event-specific rewards via seasonal events; Topple General Crassus’ monstrous captains in the Legacy of Crassus.

Finally, The Public Test Realm (PTR) will open on November 9. The PTR will offer a limited-availability server-set that grants an early preview of upcoming features and builds—from the Glacial Tarn Mutated Expedition to Weapon Balance updates. To help with the feedback process, all newly created PTR characters will be able to instantly level to select level-ranges outfitted with appropriate gear and items.

For a complete list of Eternal Frost’s upcoming features, updates and a PTR FAQ, check out the official New World site.