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‘Lost Ark’ June Summer Heat Update


The June “Summer Heat” Update launched today, and the Heroes of Arkesia can now experience the next chapter of Lost Ark on the volcanic land of South Kurzan, as well as the first Kazeros Raid. With the new chapter, this update also includes Chaos Assault Part II, Proving Grounds Season 5, a new Ark Pass, Western Emote winners, and that’s not all!

New Continent – South Kurzan

With the arrival of the Red Moon, a mysterious red liquid from South Kurzan is corrupting the Sea of Gienah. Adventurers will set out to South Kurzan to investigate, take on new quests, meet new Rapport NPCs, earn achievements, titles, cards, emotes, and more.

Kazeros Raid - Echidna

With South Kurzan comes the first Kazeros Raid, and a battle against Echidna, a Covetous Legion Commander from long before Vykas came to power. This Kazeros Raid is a new piece of endgame content alongside existing Legion Raids and Abyss Raids.

Allied Forces Skills

In the Echidna Raid, with new Allied Forces Skills, major NPCs can be summoned to aid players in combat. Players can get various assists from their allies such as powerful damage, aggro control, and more.

Advanced Honing

Advanced Honing is a new progression where gear can be upgraded in Item Level in an all-new way from the materials earned in the Echidna Raid.

Chaos Assault II - Return of the Dragon

Kaishuter, who led the Guardians of Chaos in Chain War, is back. The Chaos Assault events continue with new activities in part 2, Return of the Dragon. Defeat Kaishuter and earn the rewards.

Ark Pass: Shadow Relic

The newest Ark Pass arrives and adds ways for players to earn rewards playing Lost Ark. Complete missions to progress through 30 new Ark Pass levels and reap the rewards at each level.

Store Updates

The scorching heat of summer arrives with Kurzan and Echidna, and with them a stylish farewell to Kimono & Spring Dream Weapon Skins.

Emote Winners

The winners of the 2024 Emote Design Competition have been determined by the community and added for all players to use with this update!

Proving Grounds Season 5

Season 5 of Competitive Proving Grounds PvP arrives.

For complete details on the June Summer Heat Update, read the full Patch Notes or watch this month's episode of “Patch Notes with Henry.”

You can also visit the official Lost Ark website for the latest on Lost Ark!