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About Amazon Games

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At Amazon Games, our mission is to be the most player and developer-obsessed company in gaming.

We cultivate a creative, come-as-you-are environment around our people to enable their best work, ensure all are heard and celebrated, and enable ownership over a culture that ultimately belongs to them.

We invite those interested in being part of something new to explore our openings and join us.

Our Studios

A curvy lake nestled amongst a forest of trees in the Fall
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Montreal, Canada

Our newest studio is located in Montreal, which includes a unique blend of historical charm, modern architecture and fine dining. Montreal features world class parks, an underground pedestrian network and a safe and easy to navigate metro system that gets you to all corners of this vibrant, charismatic city.

A ferris wheel surrounded by palm trees
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Orange County, CA

Our studio sits in Irvine, a well-organized city that’s rated as one of the safest places to live in the US. The weather is unbeatable year-round and the education system is world-class. Surf in the morning, ski or mountain bike in the afternoon, or drive a half-hour to Disneyland—Orange County offers a quality of life that’s hard to beat!

A colorful snapshot of San Diego, full of buildings and palm trees
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San Diego, CA

Nestled in the rolling suburban hills of Rancho Bernardo, Amazon Games, San Diego is ideally situated minutes from the vibrant downtown of California’s second largest city. Home to the world’s best beaches, breweries, and burritos.

Our Offices

Image of London skyline featuring Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Bridge.
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Welcome to London, the heart and soul of England and the United Kingdom. One of the most-visited cities in the world, London offers a spectacular array of art, entertainment, and history. East London Tech City, also known as the ‘Silicon Roundabout’, is one of the fastest growing home hubs of tech & innovation. Home to the BAFTA Game Awards and London Games Festival, there’s no doubt we picked the right place for Amazon Games to put down roots.

German skyline at night with people walking in a town squre
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One of the fastest growing cities in Germany, Munich is a city rich in music, architecture, history, and, of course, entertainment. Rated one of the world's most livable cities, Munich is a global center of tech and innovation, and it's easy to see why Amazon Games calls it home. Between some of the oldest museums in the world, a vibrant nightlife and some of the finest breweries in the world (not to mention a little event named Octoberfest, only the largest beer festival in the world), Munich offers the perfect blend of work-life harmony.

The New York skyline featuring Manhattan skyscrapers
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New York

The most iconic city on the planet. The king of digital media and epicenter of arts & entertainment, New York is a natural home for Amazon Games. Teams in our New York office enjoy easy access to incredible parks, attractions, and a culinary scene that would take a lifetime to fully explore.

San Francisco skyline at sunset showing skyscrapers, Golden Gate Bridge, and the ocean.
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San Francisco

The Bay Area has been home to Amazon Games for some time now, and we love it here. One of the most important cities for new tech and startups, a diverse and entrepreneurial spirit infuses everything in sight. Whether you’re checking out the latest and greatest at the annual Game Developer’s Conference (see you there) or taking in the vibrant local music scene, San Francisco is one of the most exciting cities to work and play.

The Seattle skyline with Space Needle on left and Mt. Rainier in the background
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Our Seattle teams are located in the heart of downtown and surrounded by great restaurants, parks, shopping, and nearby outdoor recreation. The Seattle area has a vibrant arts community, ridiculously passionate sports fans, and is home to many events including PAX West and The International.

Toronto skyline featuring a terracotta building and skyscrapers.
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Toronto is the industrial and tech capital of Canada, making it a perfect fit for Amazon Games, but it’s much more than that. Annually topping lists of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities, Toronto is a deeply diverse and exciting international hub of music, art, and media and entertainment production. Teams in our Toronto office have ready access to the best the city has to offer, from performing arts, Toronto Zoo, and of course the world-renowned annual Toronto International Film Festival.

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Our Open Roles

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