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It takes more than soldiers to forge a nation. Choose your role and define your destiny as you survive the peril of a haunted wilderness. Overcome the cunning and brutality of hundreds of competing players as you forge alliances, battle to control resources and contribute your chapter to the chronicle of an emerging empire.

Ever wish you could get behind the wheel with Clarkson, Hammond, and May from The Grand Tour? Now it’s your turn! One moment you’re watching the hosts attempt some questionable automotive antics… the next you’re at the wheel yourself – same car, same location, same chance to make a massive mess of it.

Crucible is a third-person, last one standing game of trust and betrayal. Each match pits human and alien competitors with unique weapons and abilities against one another on a lush, alien world. Players make and break alliances on the fly. In Crucible it takes a mix of combat skill, strategic planning, and social finesse to survive.