New World Support

Appeal a Ban
Appeal a ban to have it reviewed by the New World team.

To appeal a ban, submit a web ticket with the justification for having the ban overturned. Be as detailed as possible in your appeal to ensure it's processed quickly.

Remember excuses like these are not justification to overturn the ban:

  • Other games let me do it.

  • I was only farming it a little bit.

  • I was testing it and was going to report it.

  • My little brother did it.

  • I have the right to free speech.

  • I didn’t know that was against the rules.

  • If they don’t like it they can turn on the filter.

  • I was only doing it to avoid the queue.

Once we receive an appeal, we do our best to review and respond to it quickly. If overturned, the ban is removed from your account.

Important: You can only appeal a ban once. Submitting multiple appeals won't expedite the review of your ban.