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‘Lost Ark’ Welcomes Breaker Class in March Update

Mar 20, 2024

Heroes of Arkesia, in this month’s Lost Ark update, the Breaker Advanced Class bursts on the scene, along with new progression events, a new series of Story Quests, and other exciting content, events, and skins.

The Breaker Advanced Class is here, and this male version of the Scrapper is a force, using his Heavy Gauntlets, mobility, and combos to deal massive damage. Along with the new class and engravings, Breaker specific systems have been added, like new Title and 10 Achievements, related quests, and a Trophy. To master this new martial artist's arsenal for battles in Arkesia, the Team partnered with Breaker expert and Lost Ark Creator Program member Saintone. Read the full breakdown in the recent Lost Ark Academy.

As the Lost Ark’s location comes closer to being revealed, Sacria is beginning to investigate the events in Pleccia. The Light of Destiny update will reveal the location of the Lost Ark, bringing us closer to the end of Story Chapter 1 and answering some of the most important questions of the journey to find the Lost Ark after Voldis, as well as bring players to a new location— Praeteria. The Light of Destiny update includes seven New Achievements, two New Titles, the new Island of "Praeteria," and much more. Light of Destiny requires Item Level 1520, with a starting quest – The Lost Key – which can be entered from three different cities, and requires completion of various prerequisite quests. New relevant quests will be added in the future.

For March, the Lost Ark Team has also added Arkesia Tour, which is a catch-up mechanic with four tiers of missions, built to help players catch up on islands, adventure tome, skill points, and more! This event makes it easier for new and returning players to play with friends and enjoy the end game, or help current players fill in any gaps in their collection of horizontal content rewards. The Arkesia Tour can be viewed through the Arkesia Tour icon located at the left of the minimap.

This month, an Elgacia Event Powerpass has been added and will drop players off in Elgacia at Item Level 1460. Pairing well with the Elgacia Powerpass, players can designate one character between Item Level 1460 and 1580 to participate in the Super Mokoko Express Event, where they’ll have discounted honing rates and gold requirements, and earn honing materials to quickly level up with reward chests. There are also Combat Style Setting Support options for players to easily set skills and Engravings through presets, as well as an Engraving Support system that lets players choose five engravings to be in effect at level 3 during the event.

Brace for the upcoming onslaught of the Darkness Legion and its leader—the most powerful Demon Commander—Thaemine. The Road to Thaemine has been renamed Descend into Darkness as players prepare for the Darkness Legion Commander’s arrival in April. Rewards differ from previous iterations of the event. Descend into Darkness is built to help progress a single character quickly from 1580 to 1600, and includes Gear Honing and Special Missions to earn additional Raid & Abyssal Dungeon materials.

Other March additions include the return of the Arkesia Grand Prix, a Honing Event Mission, extension of the Golden Frog Event Shop, and a series of store updates, including Breaker Cosmetics.

For all the details on these and many other Lost Ark updates, check out the full March Update Patch Notes. And keep visiting the official Lost Ark website!