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‘Lost Ark’ Reveals Part 3 of its 2023 Content Roadmap

Aug 9, 2023

Amazon Games is excited to unveil Part 3, the final instalment of the 2023 content roadmap. Heroes of Arkesia can now read up on the major planned content arriving to Lost Ark through the rest of this year.

We understand there is great anticipation for the roadmap content, and this is only a highlight look, so actual timing and content may change. But rest assured, each month we’ll share more details, and there will be plenty of other updates, adjustments, and unique events for new and returning players. For more details, read the Lost Ark team’s full post and stay tuned to the official Lost Ark site and social channels for future release notes.

The Road Ahead

In August, players can expect some quality of life updates that are based directly on player feedback. We’re reducing the time needed to put in for Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids, to help address player feedback that fatigue is real. We’re also boosting the amount of rewards players will earn for completing dungeons and raids, helping players get more out of the time they invest in this content.

In September, we’re excited to introduce Jump-Start Servers to Lost Ark! These servers will provide a fresh start for new or returning players by creating a place where everyone playing is at a similar level, while earning materials and progression items at a faster rate. We’re also introducing the long-awaited Yoz’s Jar feature this month, as well as adding new affection rapport ranks and introducing the new Primal Island Battle Royale. There’s also a new season of Ark Pass to look forward here too!

In October players can explore the new continent of Pleccia, a new continent of romance, art and freedom that’s not without its own mysteries and secrets. Players will also be able to take on the new Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid this month as well.

Rounding out the year, in November players will be introduced to the new Souleater Advanced Class, an Assassin subclass who harvests the souls of her enemies. There will also be new class engravings and progression events to accompany this new class. And in December players can explore the new continent of Voldis, known for its sages and alchemy, as well as challenge the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon. There’s also a new season of Ark Pass in December to help close out the year with a bang!

Looking Beyond

Lost Ark is always evolving, whether it’s new parts of Arkesia, battles in innovative PvP events, or new raids, dungeons, or rewards. For more details, including a video component of the Part 3 Roadmap, check out the team’s full post, and stay tuned to the official Lost Ark website and social channels for future release notes.