Ten things you should know about Seattle

Apr 19, 2019

Amazon's headquarters are in Seattle, a city booming with tech, business, and greenery. From great coffee to mountain ranges, here are our top reasons to visit or join Amazon Games in Seattle—

Tech connections

A bustling city that's home great minds, great connections, and a history of innovation in technology, there is no doubt why Amazon chose Seattle as its home. Seattle is a hub for business, creativity, and engineering—for those who like to Learn And Be Curious (one of Amazon's Leadership Principles), it's only a matter of time before you join the right interest group, meet your mentor, or start on a new project.

Great coffee everywhere

In addition to Starbucks, which originated in Seattle, there are many micro coffee shops to enjoy. Seattleites work hard to perfect the craft of artisan coffee and every shop has its own unique vibe.

Enjoy all the seasons

Known as the Emerald City for its yearly rainfall which provides a lush surrounding, you can also experience winter, spring, summer, fall, and the seasonal activities they provide:

  • Snowfall in the city rarely sticks, but you can take a trip to the mountains with your skis or snowboard.

  • In the spring, cherry blossoms are everywhere—The Quad at the University of Washington campus is a top spot to be on the lookout for blooms. Take a trip north of the city to see the tulip and sunflower fields.

  • In the summer, you can enjoy a day on Lake Washington, or take to the mountains for amazing hiking trails.

  • In the fall, enjoy walks on sunny days around Greenlake, or take a stroll through the Washington Park Arboretum to catch a glimpse of the changing leaves.

Must see tourist attractions

The first structure that comes to many peoples' minds when thinking of Seattle is the Space Needle, one of the biggest attractions in the city with a restaurant that rotates 360 degrees every 47 minutes. On a clear day, you'll catch views of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker.

Head to Pike Place where you can find the gum wall (it's exactly what it sounds like), shop the freshest seafood, flowers, and crafts, or line up for a bowl of Beecher's famous mac & cheese. Take the stairs from Pike Place down to the pier where you can take a ride on the ferris wheel or visit the Seattle Aquarium.

For a scenic glimpse of the city, head north to Gasworks Park, where on sunny days you can enjoy a waterfront view, flying kites, and picnics.

Neighborhoods with unique taste

Downtown Seattle may be a hot spot for visitors, but make sure to explore Seattle's distinct & interesting neighborhoods:

  • Capitol Hill is packed with hip bars, eateries, and a lively LGBTQ+ scene.

  • Near the water, Ballard has indie shops, bars, craft breweries, and ships & salmon which make their way through the Ballard Locks.

  • Fremont is home to the Fremont Troll, the annual Summer Solstice parade, small breweries, and coffee shops.

  • Just a short walk north of downtown, in Belltown, you'll find high-rise condos and trendy shops.

  • Queen Anne is home to the Space Needle, Museum of Pop Culture, and the Chihuly Garden and Glass.

  • Take a drive into West Seattle to Alki Beach and get a view of Seattle's skyline.

  • Pioneer Square is famous for the Underground Tour of old Seattle, as well as many galleries and bars.

Public transit readily available

Don't have a car? Not a major crisis if you're living in the city, or even outside city limits. Seattle prides itself on being a metropolitan city with many forms of transportation. The Light Rail is expanding and has plans to open new stops in 2020 and beyond. In addition, there's the train, the trolley, paved bike trails, the monorail, ride shares, metro buses, and shuttles. Those who live across the water in Bainbridge, Vashon, or Bremerton can catch the ferry for a scenic ride across Puget Sound.

Day trips to Canada

Take a day drive North to Vancouver, British Columbia where you can explore Gastown, a lively downtown area surrounded by restaurants with menu choices for every diet. If you catch a Vancouver Canucks hockey game at Rodgers Arena, don't forget to try Canada's go-to comfort food: poutine. It consists of gravy, cheese, and fries.

Victoria, B.C. makes for a fun day trip via a ferry ride on the Clipper. Enjoy a walk around Downtown Victoria to the Parliament Building, to Fisherman's Wharf, or even to high tea at the Empress Hotel where you can enjoy savory & sweet treats paired with Princess Diana's favorite rose tea.

Proud sports fans

Catch a local game! Whether it be to see the Seahawks, Sounders, Mariners, or a hockey game (the name for Seattle's upcoming hockey team is currently under wraps), there's a community for you to join.


Beautiful natural scenery is what the Pacific Northwest does best. Hike through the North Cascades to find breathtaking views and tall, thundering waterfalls, or dip into a clear lake. Venture west towards Olympic National Park where you can canoe on Lake Crescent and drive out to beaches on the coast. Camp throughout a wide variety of recreational areas, or stay a weekend on an old ranger lookout and wake up to breathtaking views of the forests and mountain ranges that surround it.

Gamers welcome

Every year, the downtown streets fill up for a few days with cosplayers dressed as their favorite characters from games - visit during the PAX convention, Emerald City Comic Con, or one of the city's many gaming events to see for yourself! Not only is Seattle one of the most beautiful destinations on the West Coast, but it's also home to a wide variety of gamers, gaming conventions, game tournaments, video & board game shops, and game studios. At Relentless Studios in Seattle, we make games, talk about games, and play a lot of games - including ping-pong, foosball, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 (available in shared spaces throughout workspaces), as well as gaming interest groups, and playtests of our games in development. For gamers and non-gamers alike, Seattle has a wide variety to offer.

By Natalie Letona