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Darkness Unleashed in ‘Lost Ark’ April Update

17 Apr, 2024

This month, the “Darkness Unleashed” Update arrives in Arkesia, and with it the Thaemine Legion Raid, new Transcendence progression system, Veskal Guardian Raid, and so much more!

Catch the new episode of “Patch Notes with Henry” if you’re looking for more details.

Thaemine, the Legion Commander of Darkness, has finally appeared under the red sky. Despite efforts to stop the demons and Thaemine from summoning his fortress, the Dark Baratron, he has arrived and is preparing. Under the influence of the Dark Baratron, Luterra is being reshaped and beginning to resemble the chaos of Petrania. Face Thaemine at Dark Baratron as the war between Light and Darkness wages in an 8-player Legion Raid complete with new cinematic scenes and epic music.

Coming April 20 —Heroes of Arkesia should prepare for Thaemine The First, a special race to clear the original—and hardest—difficulty of the Thaemine Legion Raid. Clearing will be a challenge, even for the most experienced adventurers.

This month, Gear Transcendence, a new system debuts which lets players improve their gear’s basic effects (increased damage and defense) by using ancient power sealed within ruins. The crafting materials for 'Dark Fire' and 'Ancient Soundstone' used in Transcendence can be acquired from Legion Raid 'Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine'. Four new achievements for Gear Transcendence have been added.

As players progress they must release ruins appropriate for each gear to proceed onto Transcendence. Players can enter ruins with ancient magick circles sealed within by clicking on the Released gear in Transcendence UI. Ancient magick will be enchanted in the gear once all basic steles are destroyed by the power of the elementals. Each piece of gear can be transcended up to level 7.

Transcendence can be completed by destroying all Steles except the Distorted ones. Gear in the Transcendence process can also be stopped via 'Stop Transcendence' in which all progress will reset. Players can retry Transcendence on gear that stopped transcending, or on gear that has already completed transcendence through Ruins Restoration.

This month also welcomes Veskal, a new gear-level 1630 Guardian Raid released alongside Thaemine. Long ago, Veskal chose to be consumed by chaos, following the footsteps of Varkan. Veskal is a Chaos Guardian who hunts enemies by using sound waves. Now back in Arkesia from another dimension, he hunts his prey mercilessly and needs to be stopped. Heroes can clear once a day for increased rewards, a chance to receive higher level Fate Embers, and a chance to earn the Purification Level 1 Legendary Galewind Rune. Four new achievements and 1 title related to Veskal have been added, in addition to other rewards.

The April Update also comes with two new Cosmetic Collections, the Lunar Eclipse and the Promise and Blessing Collections, and so much more.

For complete details on the Darkness Unleashed Update, check out the full April Update Patch Notes. And keep visiting for the latest on Lost Ark!