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‘Lost Ark’ Part Two of the 2024 Content Roadmap

23 Apr, 2024

The Lost Ark Team is excited to reveal the second part of the 2024 roadmap, including major planned content pieces arriving in Arkesia over the next three months. Checkout the full roadmap post, as well as the video roadmap from the team.


May is focused on exploration and events, culminating with an epilogue story, and a new event.

Thaemine Epilogue: Players who clear Thaemine Hard can experience the Darkness Legion Commander’s Epilogue in a new story and “Shadow of the Moon” quest.

Trial Guardian Raid – Hanumatan: 500 years ago, Guardian Hanumatan crushed enemies in a battle for the side of Light. This Guardian is back and needs to be stopped.

In May players can also experience Music Box of Memories II, a new Adventure Island known as “Cruel Toy Castle Island,” and exclusive Western cosmetics designed to evoke 80s and 90s anime. In addition, players will be able to explore the first part of the Kurzan Prelude Event, Chaos Assault, as well as key Stronghold Updates, and much more!


This month a new continent and raid arrive in the next major chapter for Lost Ark. Players will experience Chaos Assault Part 2, Return of the Dragon, as well as venture to the new South Kurzan Continent to investigate a mysterious red liquid corrupting the Sea of Gienah.

Kazeros Raid Ladon: Arriving with South Kurzan is the first Kazeros Raid. The main enemy is Ladon, a Covetous Legion Commander from long before Vykas came to power.


Enjoy fun in the sun at the Maharaka Festival in between battles against Ladon and working to progress through Advanced Honing. Celebrate on the Maharaka Paradise Event Island. Hit the pool and participate in an event race, transforming into a Pirate Mokoko to jump, headbutt, and dash through a swimming race before attempting to defeat a giant rubber duck.

For all of the details of Part Two of the 2024 roadmap, check out the Lost Ark team’s full post, and stay updated at the official Lost Ark site and social channels for notes on new content, store updates, events, bug-fixes, and more over the coming months.