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'Lost Ark’s' July Beat the Heat Update is Live

13 Jul, 2023

Today, the July “Beat the Heat” update arrives in Lost Ark. Players can celebrate the summer by completing the Elgacia Epilogue quests, wrapping up the next chapter in Lost Ark’s story. And while we’re talking about stories, players can experience new stories of the inhabitants of Arkesia who haven’t yet received the spotlight through the new Music Box of Memories. Using this gadget, players can collect Memory Orbs from around the world of Arkesia to play and learn more about the world’s past.

The heat isn’t just limited to the summer temperatures though, as players will be able to feel the burn in the new Inferno difficulty of the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid. Players who can beat the demented harlequin will be rewarded with new titles, achievements, and more. And the Maharaka Festival makes its return where players can bask in the sun and participate in unique games. The July update also features more quality of life updates and improvements.

For the full release notes for the Beat the Heat update, visit the official Lost Ark site and stay tuned to the game’s social media channels for more details on what’s coming next to Lost Ark.