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Season of the Guardian Arrives in ‘New World’


New World Season 5 –Season of the Guardian – has arrived. In the new season, survive the Winter Rune Forge, acquire new Artifacts, and experience the fully updated main story quest. You can also enjoy Mounts in Outpost Rush and journey through Aeternum with native controller support.

The Winter Rune Forge brings together up to 10 max-level in a gauntlet of increasingly difficult enemies. This Seasonal Trial requires teamwork to overcome Rune puzzles, slay an Icey Construct, and fell an Ancient Ice Guardian for unique rewards.

With the launch of Season 5, the entire New World main story quest is now fully updated based on player feedback. Experience fresh narratives, more quest variety, and new surprises as you embark on an epic story towards a nail-biting conclusion.

Eight brand-new Artifacts have been added to the game, each featuring its own quest line for upgrades. Acquire three new weapons, including Sin – Hatchet, Venom – Spear, and Tempest Fury – Great Axe. There are also five new armor pieces, including Nature’s Wrath – Medium Chestwear, Gilli’s Gravity Gauntlets – Heavy Glove, Ironheart – Heavy Legwear, Creed Boots – Light Footwear and Phoenix – Amulet.

Season 5 also brings new gameplay improvements. You can now enjoy an upgraded combat and animation system, which has been overhauled for enhanced performance in high-traffic areas with many players. In addition, native controller support is coming to New World! Choose from two pre-set controller layouts to enhance your next adventure. New controller settings include Aim Assist in PvE, Target Friction, Enemy Target Lock, and Freeform Movement. Look forward to more features such as Button Remapping in a future update.

New World Season 5 also introduces a new Season Pass, new Season Journey, new Activity Card, new Challenges, and new cosmetic rewards. Check out the in-game Store for popular returning skins throughout this season.

For all Season 5, Season of the Guardian launch details, check out the Team’s full post on the official New World site.